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Hi 🙂

My name is Aisyah Dzakiyyah K. You can just call me Nisa. I’m the second child of my parents. I have one old sister and five young brothers *that’s a lot, right?*. Can you imagine how our house is? Too noisy for sure even at night our neighbors in the distance of 2 kilometers can hear that. But, I love them not because of them I can heal the loneliness but because they’re my ‘family’. Family is not just a word, right? I know every of you has your own meaning about this word like me.

My Father works in the government while my mother is a teacher in Junior high school. My sister is currently taking her master’s degree in Semarang State University majoring Physics of Education. My first brother is in his 3rd grade of Senior High School. The second and the third brothers are in their Junior High School. The forth is in his elementary and the last is still in the playgroup. We live in a Tobacco city near between 2 mountains (Mt. Sumbing and Mt. Sindoro), Temanggung. I love this city very much although I wasn’t born in this city.

Well, I graduated from high school in 2015 and sure in that year I applied in one of the university in Yogyakarta that is UIN Sunan Kalijaga majoring Physics. I spent a year in that University because I can’t stand on the major and the life in there anymore. I decided to move on the other major and university in Yogyakarta. Gratefully I passed the SBMPTN 2016 (National Exam Selection to get into the Public University) in the major I’ve chosen, English of Education in Yogyakarta State University (YSU). The reason why I choose that major is because I love the way I learn English not because I want to be a teacher.

I’ve been taught about Sociology and Anthropology in Education, Management in Education, and Culture Appreciation in this first semester which has ended mid-December 2016. I’ve learned a lot till I realize that the reason why I should have when I am as a student in English of Education is that when I graduate from this University I shall be a what is meaning by the word ‘teacher’ itself, right?

Well, that’s a little story of mine.  (;