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Impression: Training ICT 2016

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I would like to share to you about my impression attending this training ICT 2016.

  • I actually were so sad knowing this training held on Saturday. I usually go back to my hometown in Temanggung on Friday and it’s once a week because I really miss my family a lot. You can tell it’s kinda homesick. Heuheu -,- Now, I’ve been three weeks in Yogyakarta. Knowing this training was held on Saturday just made me mad. Moreover it’s held at 7.30 a.m, I’m still sleepy after the prayer. So I just mad about the time management.
  • What about the material here? Yeah, I got a lot of material about ICT, specially about UNY. Everything just now has become well I can say amazing if you knew how to use the Internet. Accessing everything in this LIMUNY with the fastest Internet Connection although I don’t know what is the speed of the internet access.
  • Actually I was so happy, proud that I have an email and the blog under the domain of UNY. Yeah I have to proud being part of UNY Family. The email I’ve chosen and the blog I made I’ll make sure made it being impressive. I also promise myself will always active in this blog. Hope whoever read this will stay tune on my blog (:

What I can tell you right now is just it. Sorry if I had any mistakes in typing the text or maybe there’s a word that may hurts you. Thanks for reading this and visiting my blog. Hope you’ll get enjoy on the next post. (:

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